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In order to remain a community-owned space, it is imperative that Café Sankofa raises enough funds to maintain operating costs. It is our duty and our goal to improve OUR community.

"We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose, but our chains" -Assata Shakur

Thank you to all those who have donated online, dropped off, or mailed their donations. 

food sense

Café Sankofa Cooperative is committed to providing access to fresh and healthy food. In our quest to provide healthy and affordable food to the community, we partnered with the Food Bank of CNY to become a Food Sense site.

If you would like to purchase through the Food Sense program, please email us at sankofacafe5@gmail.com for more information.


$20.50 covers one box or a month's worth of food!


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Saturday 9am-2PM


2323 S. Salina Street Syracuse NY United States 13205

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